Trash Update from GFL Waste Management

All Customers – Non -Franchise Cities

As you know, the hurricane left a lot of destruction and debris throughout the Houston area.  As we began our collection routes in the aftermath of the storm, our goal was to prioritize and ensure that all regular household waste was collected.  We also felt that we would be able to collect up to our normal heavy trash/yard waste amounts.  Due to the sheer amount of debris left from the storm, this proved to be very difficult.  We were able to ensure that all regular household garbage, or Residential Waste, was collected this week with some areas delayed into the following days.  Our collection routes have, and will continue to, experience drastically increased wait times at area landfills, increased delays on normal route schedules due to increased volumes of normal household garbage and beginning to collect bagged debris items.

Beginning Monday, July 15, all weekly regular garbage and recycling collection services will be running as scheduled.  We will continue to make every effort possible to ensure your services are collected as scheduled, however delays may occur during the aftermath of this storm.  If you do not receive your normal collection on your scheduled day, please be advised that we will provide service the following day.

To ensure that all Houston area residents receive essential household garbage collection, we must place some limitations on select services.  We will collect your regular household garbage, however bagged items including grass/yard clippings will be limited to 3 bags on each scheduled heavy trash collection day.  Any bagged items leftover will be collected on the next scheduled heavy trash collection day.  Any loose storm debris including vegetative waste or building materials should be separated from regular garbage items.  All loose storm debris material will be collected separately.  Please reach out to your local City, County, or HOA for information on storm debris collection.

We will re-evaluate these guidelines after 2 weeks to determine if normal collections can resume.

We understand that this hurricane event has caused many disruptions in our everyday lives and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to make every effort possible to resume normal collections.

For debris pickup, please visit Harris County Precinct 3’s website.

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