Current Harris County MUD 24 Projects

The district is in the process of their annual inspection and rehabilitation of all Fire Hydrants in the district making sure they are in good working order and kept well maintained.

The District is currently rehabilitating the perimeter fencing at 8 of its facilities to include replacing worn out components and cleaning and staining the fences to preserve the integrity and extend the life of the fences. Most of the fences are well over 25 years old and are still in excellent shape through constructing a well-designed fence and keeping it well maintained.

The District recently annexed 21 acres on Stuebner Airline Rd. north of Spring Cypress Rd. that will be the site of a new apartment project. To serve the tract, the Developer is extending water and sanitary sewer trunklines to the tract which will be able to serve future additional developments north of Spring Cypress Rd.

The District installed water re-use facilities at its Wastewater Treatment Plant on Stuebner Airline Rd. in 2020 to conserve water by re-using the treated wastewater from the plant. The re-use water is being used for irrigation of the medians on Stuebner Airline Rd. The re-use water is also being used in the processing of the wastewater at the sewar treatment plant. The project has been a huge success and is currently saving approximately $25-30k/mo. in fees that would otherwise be paid for surface water.

The District has an ongoing program to televise and rehabilitate its existing sanitary sewer system. The program was started in 2000 in the older areas of the District and is currently in Phase 16 televising the sanitary sewer lines that are older than 35 years. By repairing the lines through this program, not only is the integrity of the system maintained, but the unnecessary flow of infiltration water to the wastewater treatment facility is reduced.

The District has updated and installed security systems at all of its facilities to protect them from intrusion and vandalism.

Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 6:00 PM

The Board of Directors generally hold regular meetings on the first and third Wednesday at 6:00 PM.

Meeting Location:
17035 Deer Creek Drive, Spring, Texas 77379